PCD Tools Contributions in Electronics Industry

PCD Tools Contributions in Electronics Industry

What are PCD Tools? PCD tools manufacturing process are made from Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) by PCD tool manufacturers. PCD has high resistance to abrasion, high hardness, and toughness, making it an excellent material for cutting tools. Thus, cutting tools made from PCD can achieve high speed, high efficiency, and high precision machining with a longer cutting […]

Why Choose Diamond Tools in Automobile Industry

What are diamond tools used for? Due to the hardness of diamonds and their high melting point, various metalworking industries use diamond tools. These cutting tools are typically for drilling and geotechnical operations for high quality and reliability. What are the advantages of diamond tools? High wear resistance Long lifespan High grinding efficiency Low comprehensive […]


PCD Tools in Automotive Wheel Manufacturing

How is PCD made? Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) or PCD tools is diamond grit fused together under high pressure and high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. PCD manufacturing applies in the process of cutting materials such as aluminium, brass and copper, graphite and non-metal materials. So, special PCD inserts are ideal if you [...]

PCD Tools Application in the Automotive Industry

What is a PCD cutting tool? Generally, Polycrystalline Diamond is a PCD tool for aluminum alloy, brass and copper, graphite, and non-metal materials. So, if you want to obtain high abrasive resistance and high hardness, PCD cutting tools are the top solution. In addition, they increase the durability of the cutter so you can customize [...]

CBN Tools & PCD Tools for Automotive Parts

How are Auto Parts Produced? The automotive industry is constantly developing with innovation that demands long-lasting auto parts. More than that, the ultimate performances of the auto parts must excel. Therefore, parts processing factory requires PCD automobile tools and CBN auto tools for top-quality parts and performance. Let’s discover the auto parts that need CBN […]

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