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Precision Machining Parts Equipment

About Our Machining Parts Operation

ASIME has the right expertise, tools and equipment for precision machining parts and components. We take pride in providing customized services including CNC milling, drilling, and tapping.

We are a customized precision machining parts manufacturer for various materials such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and more.

With our cutting-edge technology, we are able to meet your demanding requirements from designing, prototyping, production and mechanical assembly of custom machined parts.

Fanuc Robodrill Machine for CNC Machining Precision Parts
SMEC PL 1600 for machined precision parts
Wenzel CMM for Precision Parts Quality Control
shrink tunnel for machining process

Need Custom Machined Parts?

We have experienced machinists that can design, engineer, and manufacture your machined parts to your specifications.

Our precision machining parts are created using intelligent cutting strategies by our new powerful machine.


Fanuc Robodrill Machine

The Fanuc Robodrill is a high-performance machining center for more versatile milling, drilling, and tapping. It is widely regarded as the most dependable machine on the market today. Fanuc Robodrill can create custom machining parts with unrivaled quality and precision at great hourly rates.

SMEC PL 1600

SMEC PL 1600

ASIME uses the latest technology for machining parts – SMEC PL 1600 Lathe manufactured in Malaysia in 2017. This machine is equipped with a Fanuc Series Oi-TF control unit with a high performance spindle speed of up to 6000 rpm.

Types of CNC Machines for Machining Precision Parts

Looking for custom precision machined parts? We specialize in the fabrication of precision parts to your specific requirements. ASIME uses top performance CNC machines and equipment to design all types of machining parts.

There are several types of CNC machines used for fabricating machining parts. We select the most ideal CNC machine for your unique project based on the type of material, required dimensional tolerances, and the precision parts functionality.

Types of CNC Machines for Precision Parts Fabrication

CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machines produce precision machining parts made from aluminium, mild steel, plastic, stainless steel, tool steel, copper and brass.

It has extensive function forl CNC machining processes from 5-axis, turning, sliding-head and surface finishing treatments.

CNC Turning Machine

CNC turning machines have remarkable machining capacity yet a cost-effective solution for even the most demanding specs.

The high-speed CNC turning lathes optimizes many precision parts operations can produce precision machined parts of up to 300 mm in diameter.

5-Axis Machining

The latest technology, 5-Axis machining produces complex, multi-axial machined components made from carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, aluminum, and plastics.

This high-capacity machine guarantees minimum downtime and cycle times for machined parts fabrication with precision and efficiency.

Automated Robotic System

The automated robotic system integrates a range of CNC machining services such as the Milling Robotic Cell (MRC) and Turning Robotic Cell (TRC).

This modern equipment for machining precision parts delivers cost-effective results by maximizing the utilization rate to produce higher outputs with lesser rejects.

Need Custom Machined Parts?

We have experienced machinists that can design, engineer, and manufacture your machined parts to your specifications.


Quality Control Inspection Equipment

We take careful consideration into your CNC machined parts to ensure precision in every corner. We have quality control inspection equipments for all types of precision machined parts.

Wenzel CMM

ASIME guarantees utmost precision with the help of our Wenzel CMM that has high mechanical accuracy, perfect ergonomics and increased dynamics.

From large aerospace components to small gears, including custom machining parts, we aim to be your chosen precision machining parts manufacturer.

Quality Control for CNC Machining Precision Parts

Quality control is a top priority for machining parts. The quality inspection of CNC machining includes up-to-date inspection equipment and high-quality materials.

To meet all required specifications perfectly while following industry standards, ASIME uses quality control machines to ensure all machined parts are flawless.

Quality Control Machines for Precision Machined Parts

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

The coordinate measuring machine analyses all known geometric components speedily and easily.

It combines thoroughness, accuracy, and consistency to ensure all requirements are met flawlessly.

Image Measurement System

Instantly reports any mismeasurements of tight tolerance parameters with integrated data recording, reporting, and statistical calculation.

Provides fast and accurate quality assurance data, making it a powerful tool to control the quality of all machined parts.

Tools & Equipment for Machined Parts Quality Control

  • Tool Microscope Inspection
  • Caliper Measurement
  • Micrometer Measurement
  • Projector Inspection
  • Hardness Tester Measurement
  • Inspection Report
machining parts

Custom Machining Parts

We produce high-precision custom machining parts as well as design support, prototyping, and quality control. We manufacture top performance machining parts using our cutting-edge equipment to produce precision that pays off.

Industries that benefit from CNC machining parts:

  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Silicone
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Precision Mold & Dies
  • Dental
  • and more


Our custom machining parts include:

  • Photonic Components
  • Motion Components
  • Die Casted Parts
  • Camera lens
  • Lens components
  • Medical device components
  • Semiconductor components
  • and more

Why You Need a Custom Machining Parts Manufacturer

By collaborating with ASIME, a reliable CNC machining parts supplier and manufacturer, you will get the following benefits:

  • Produce non-standard machined components suppliers cannot offer
  • Your desired machining component has non-standard features
  • Easily combine multiple elements into a single component
  • On-demand production of high-quality machined parts

Need Custom Machined Parts?

We have experienced machinists that can design, engineer, and manufacture your machined parts to your specifications.

Custom Machining Parts for Precise Products

Manage your production better with our precisely machined parts