Machining Parts

Precision Machining Parts Equipment

Our precision machining parts are created using intelligent cutting strategies achieved by our new powerful machine.

  • Fanuc Robodrill Machine x 10 units
  • A high-performance machining center for more versatile milling, drilling, and tapping.
  • Widely regarded as the most dependable machine on the market today, Fanuc Robodrill can create custom machining parts in less time.

Quality Control Inspection Equipment

We have quality control inspection equipments like Wenzel CMM and other QC equipment from Japan

Custom Machining Parts

We produce high-precision custom machining parts as well as design support, and prototyping for the medical, optical, silicone, automotive, electronic, and precision mold and dies industries in Malaysia. Machining parts can be processed by end-use design materials using our cutting-edge equipment to produce final machined prototypes.

Our custom machining parts include:

  • Photonic Components
  • Motion Components
  • Die Casted Parts
  • Camera lens
  • Lens components
  • Medical device components
  • Semiconductor components
  • and more


Why Custom Machining? 

  • The desired component is nonstandard and therefore not available from a supplier
  • The desired part has characteristics that are not found on standard parts
  • Multiple elements can be combined to form a single component
  • High-quality parts can be made quickly in the event of an emergency
  • Able to make parts in small quantities

Custom Machining Parts for Precise Products

Manage your production better with our precisely machined parts