Custom Precision Tools Manufacturer

Since 2001, we have been a high-tech producer specializing in precision tools such as custom-made CBN cutting tools, CVD cutting tools, diamond cutting tools, PCD and PCBN cutting inserts, and many others.

The automotive, medical, electronics, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries need high-precision PCD Tools for perfected and defined production. There is no room for mistakes.

No matter the industry, we are experts with advanced technology to produce cutting tools. This includes steel makers, turbine suppliers, and roll manufacturers. They require roughing and finishing tools for heavy components such as rotor shafts, rolls, and turbine components. That’s why we are the ideal cutting tools expert for precise solutions of grooving, milling, and turning.

ASIME is the ideal cutting tool OEM you can rely on, whether you need diamond cutting tools from huge airplanes to small mobile phones.

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Create custom clear-cut carving tools with us

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