Tools Manufacturing Process

We take great care in our tools manufacturing process

Tools Manufacturing Process

Tools Manufacturing Process

Quality Control

Nothing is more important to us than quality and safety, which is why we take great care in our tools manufacturing process. We are always following DOE and ISO standards, ensuring that our tools and services are nothing short of world-class.

DOE and ISO standards

Tools Manufacturing Process

Step 1

Client sends us an inquiry either for quotation or by providing us tool drawings.

Step 2

We will thoroughly review your inquiry and offer a custom drawing together with a quotation.

Step 3

Once accepted, the client sends us a formal order along with initial payment according to the terms and conditions.

Step 4

After receiving said order, our technical experts will re-analyze the requirements, dimensions and material. We will provide design drawings if none is provided for confirmation.

Step 5

Once the client approves, we will begin production and update the progress status to the client following a fixed schedule.

Step 6

After completion, cutting tools will undergo stringent quality control and measurement with the device.

Step 7

Test reports are tabulated and sent to the client.

Step 8

If the client is satisfied with the results, the precision tools will be packaged and delivered accordingly.


Tools Manufacturing Process

Custom Made Drawing

Equipped with a talented bunch of technical experts, Asime is able to provide custom made drawings of the precision manufacturing tool. After noting down all the client’s requirements, application and material to cut, we will design a detailed drawing of the cutting tool.


Let us lend you a hand

Asime is equipped with a professional and wholesome assistance team to guide you in purchasing the best precision cutting tool suitable for any application you require. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide to ensure optimum results for your project.

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