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We are special CBN step drill & custom PCD reamer tools manufacturer in Malaysia. OEM orders are welcome.

Asime is able to provide custom made step drill & PCD reamer tools. There are a range of materials that can be used for the production. For example, PCD, PCBN, CBN, CVD. Below are some of the drawing for your reference:

pcd step reamer custom drawing asime
pcd step drill custom drawing asime
pcd reamer custom drawing asime
pcd cutterpre hole custom drawing asime
pcd step reamer pre tap hole custom drawing asime
pcd tip step prehole custom drawing asime

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For Special Step Drill and CBN Reamer Tool


Special Step Drill | PCD PCBN CBN CVD
Step drill bits are able to create different-sized holes without the need to replace bits in the tool. These bits have steps of different diameters along with their cutting head. Each step provides different shapes to the hole as the drill bit is pushed into a piece of material. Click here to read PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Drilling Tools in Metal Working Industry

Custom Reamer Tools | PCD PCBN CBN CVD
A reamer tool is used to smooth the sides and edges of a pre-existing hole. It can widen the diameter of a hole to your desired size and removes any rough edges using a pointed round file tip.  Click here to read PCD Reamer (Polycrystalline Diamond Reamer) and the uses in the Automotive Industry

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