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ASIME provides a wide selection of high precision manufacturing tools and solutions from Diamond Tools, PCBN special insert, PCBN insert, PCBN Custom made Tools, PCBN Endmill and Ballnose, PCD precision Part, PCD Reamer, polycrystalline Diamond Tools, PCBN Reamer, PCD Special Insert, PCD Diamond Tools, PCD Ball Nose and many more.

We also produce custom machining parts for any industry mainly for electronic, automotive, optical, medical, and manufacturing.

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Custom Cutting Tools & Machining Parts Manufacturer

Industries such as automotive, medical, electronics, optical, and other manufacturing fields require high precision tools and parts to ensure perfected production each time.

Precise Cutting Tools for Precise Production.

We are the diamond tools supplier that manufactures custom diamond tools with complete services to speed up your production rates. Regardless of industry, we have the expertise and advanced technology to produce custom-made cutting tools. Hence, we provide solutions by manufacturing diamond high precision tools and custom PCD & CBN inserts for grooving, milling, and turning.

Custom Machining Parts for Precise Products.

Quality is a must for any product. Every part and piece must fit and be made to function perfectly. One minor defect can result in product malfunction and leads to unhappy end-users. So whether you need custom machining parts for equipment as large as an aircraft or as small as mobile phones, ASIME is the top machining parts manufacturer you can rely on.

Custom Machining Parts for Precise Products

Manage your production better with our precisely machined parts