Custom Precision Tools and Machining Parts Manufacturer

We’ve been a high-tech manufacturer of precision tool products since 2001, specializing in custom-made CBN cutting tools, CVD cutting tools, diamond cutting tools, PCD and PCBN cutting inserts, and more.

For flawless and defined production, the automotive, medical, electronics, aerospace, and other industrial industries require high-precision PCD Tools. There isn’t any space for error.

Whatever sector you’re in, we’re cutting tool experts with cutting-edge technology. Steel producers, turbine suppliers, and roll manufacturers all fall within this category. Heavy components like rotor shafts, rolls, and turbine components need precise roughing and finishing techniques. As a result, we are the ideal cutting tools expert for precision grooving, milling, and turning solutions.

Whether you require diamond cutting tool products for large jets or small mobile phones, ASIME is your choice cutting tool OEM.

In addition to our expertise in manufacturing precision tools, we have extended our capabilities and ventured into the machining parts business in 2021, producing custom precision machining parts for the medical, optical, silicone, automotive, electronic, and precision mold and dies industries.

ASIME has heavily invested in additional equipment to produce high-quality custom precision machining parts in order to meet the increased demand and fulfill a wide range of customer requirements.

Custom Machining Parts for Precise Products

Manage your production better with our precisely machined parts