How is a smartphone made?

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone these days. But, not many are aware of how intricate and sophisticated it is to make. Here we uncover how PCD and CBN cutting tools come into action to make the world’s smartphones.

What is PCD Cutting Tools?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) cutting tools or PCD carving tools can cut aluminum, brass and copper, graphite, and other materials like wood, plastic, and CFRP. Basically, PCD cutting tools have high abrasive resistance and high hardness which increases the durability of a phone equipment cutter.


What is CBN Cutting Tool?

Polycrystalline Carbon Boron Nitride (PCBN) also known as CBN cutting tools have high resistance to heat abrasion, perfect for fine finishing, and effective for tolerance control. This makes it suitable for iron, cast iron, sintered material, and other hardened materials (HRC50 and above).

PCBN cutting tools are typically applied with inserts and round tools which include endmills, reamers, and boring tools. CBN tools help reduce production costs due to more efficient processes of turning and milling.

PCD and PCBN Cutting Tools to Manufacture Phones

The diameter of PCD & PCBN tools is very small when manufacturing smartphones. Actually, they are the same diameter to machine glass and ceramic components in today’s devices.

Indeed, PCD and CBN cutting tools are high-precision tools that are effective in the manufacture of the latest smartphones.

For instance, the Apple iPhone 6 had the bevel on the aluminum housing machined using PCD profile cutters. On the iPhone X model, however, stainless steel was used in the housing frame so CBN cutters were used.

Hence, with rising demands on the design and technology of mobile phone manufacturers, the use of glass and ceramic also rises. The PCD and CBN cutting tools are more in need than ever in the phone manufacturing industry today. These materials offer many advantages including excellent reception quality.


On typical mobile phones, metal housings shield the wave transmission on wireless communications. This also protects from other integrated metal parts and ideally achieved with plastic strips.

However, phones with glass or ceramic housing do not require such shielding. Plus they are more sustainable than plastics and allow greater freedom of design. But, due to their brittleness, hardness, and low thermal conductivity, they require PCD and CBN cutting tools for perfect and clean finishing.

Therefore, the mobile phone manufacturing industry requires the highest precision cutting machinery and tools. PCD and CBN cutting tools are capable of producing very small internal radii and shoulders as well as tiny turned parts.

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