How are mobile phones manufactured?

With the majority of households having mobile phones, how many of its users have ever stopped and thought about how the small but very powerful “computer in their pocket” is made? Here is where PCD and CBN cutting tools come in action.

What is PCD Cutting Tools?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) cutting tools apply itself in the process of cutting aluminium, brass and copper, graphite and other materials like wood, plastic and carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP). So, they basically obtain high abrasive resistance and high hardness. These motives result in a longer life for the cutter in comparison to conventional cutters. Also, these tools customise designs to fit your exact measurement specifications.


What is CBN Cutting Tool?

Polycrystalline Carbon Boron Nitride (PCBN) or known as CBN cutting tools have high resistance to heat abrasion that is perfect for fine finishing and effective for tolerance control. They are also suitable for iron, cast iron, sintered material and other hardened materials (HRC50 and above).

PCBN cutting tools are typically applied with inserts and round tools which include endmills, reamers and boring tools. CBN tools can help reduce the production costs due to more efficient process of turning and milling.

How do PCD and CBN Cutting Tools help in Manufacturing Mobile Phones?

The diameter used in PCD and CBN cutting tools is very small when manufacturing smartphones. These are the same diameter used when machining the glass and ceramic components in today’s devices.

Indeed, the PCD and CBN cutting tools are known as high precision tools that have consistently proven to be effective in the manufacture of successive generations of new smartphones.

For instance, the Apple iPhone 6 models had the bevel on the aluminium housing machined using PCD profile cutters. On the iPhone X model, however, the stainless steel was integrated into the housing frame so CBN cutters were used rather than diamond cutting tools.

Hence, with new demands on the design and technology on mobile phone manufacturers, glass and ceramic are increasingly used. The PCD and CBN cutting tools are more in need than ever in the phone manufacturing industry today. These materials offer a number of advantages including excellent reception quality.


On typical mobile phones, metal housings shield the wave transmission on wireless communications. It is therefore shielded from other integrated metal parts and ideally achieved with plastic strips.

However, phones with glass or ceramic housing do not require such shielding. Plus they are more sustainable than plastics and allow greater freedom of design. But, due to their brittleness, hardness and low thermal conductivity, they require PCD and CBN cutting tools for perfect and clean finishing.

The mobile phone manufacturing industry as a whole requires high precision cutting machinery and tools. PCD and CBN cutting tools are capable of producing very small internal radii and shoulders as well as tiny turned parts.

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