How Diamond Cutting Tools Improve Precision in the Jewelry Industry

How Diamond Cutting Tools Improve Precision in the Jewelry Industry

Diamond cutting tools have revolutionized the jewelry industry. They offer unparalleled precision and accuracy, allowing for intricate and complex designs. As a result, jewelers can create pieces that were once thought impossible, all with a level of precision that was previously unattainable. In this blog, we will explore how diamond cutting tools have transformed the […]

6 Types of Cutting Tool Materials and Their Special Properties

6 Types of Cutting Tool Materials and Their Special Properties

Cutting tools are an essential part of manufacturing processes. They are used in a variety of industries, including metalworking and woodworking. However, there are different types of cutting tool materials that vary in terms of their properties, including strength and wear resistance. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the application. So, it’s […]

Custom Tooling Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Custom Tooling Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Aerospace is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to precision, reliability, repeatability, and speed in custom tooling. Anything less than the utmost attention to these factors could result in disasters. For this reason, aerospace companies have a high demand for building custom tools that help them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. That is […]


How PCD Inserts are Used in Automotive Industry

The use of PCD inserts has rapidly grown in the automotive industry due to the lightweighting trends. Nowadays, car manufacturers have shifted to using aluminium for most car parts. It is mainly because aluminium is strong and lightweight compared to cast iron.  Meanwhile, PCD inserts are ideal for machining aluminium car parts due to the high hardness […]

Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools Uses in Aerospace Industry

Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools Uses in Aerospace Industry

The demand for precision cutting tools is high in the aerospace industry.  Polycrystalline diamond cutting tools also commonly known as PCD cutting tools have a lot of uses in sectors like aviation and chemicals. These sectors cannot afford to have even slight changes in quality and standards. This is because poor quality and standards in manufacturing can lead to disasterous consequences.


PCD Tools in Automotive Wheel Manufacturing

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) or PCD tools is diamond grit fused together under high pressure and high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. PCD manufacturing applies in the process of cutting materials such as aluminium, brass and copper, graphite and non-metal materials.


PCD Tools Application in the Automotive Industry

What is a PCD cutting tool?Generally, Polycrystalline Diamond is used for PCD tools for aluminum alloy, brass and copper, graphite, and non-metal materials. So, if you want to obtain high abrasive resistance and high hardness, PCD cutting tools are the top solution.


CBN Tools & PCD Tools for Automotive Parts

How are Auto Parts Produced? The automotive industry is constantly developing with innovation that demands long-lasting auto parts. More than that, the ultimate performances of the auto parts must excel. Therefore, parts processing factory requires PCD automobile tools and CBN auto tools for top-quality parts and performance. Let’s discover the auto parts that need CBN […]


PCD and CBN cutting tools for Phone Manufacturers

How is a smartphone made? Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone these days. But, not many are aware of how intricate and sophisticated it is to make. Here we uncover how PCD and CBN cutting tools come into action to make the world’s smartphones.

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