How are Auto Parts Produced?

The automotive industry is constantly developing with innovation that demands long-lasting auto parts. More than that, the ultimate performances of the auto parts must excel. Therefore, the automobile industry requires PCD and CBN tools for top-quality parts and performance.

Let’s discover the auto parts that need CBN diamond cutting tools.

How do CBN and PCD Tools help in manufacturing auto parts?

Automotive brake disc

In the past, precision tools manufacturers used coated carbide and ceramic blades to process automotive brake discs. Even though they got the job done, it was terribly time-consuming, costs more, and had poor abrasive resistance.

When CBN inserts were introduced, manufacturers could reduce tool changing and production costs. CBN inserts come with ultra-high wear and impact resistance. So, it significantly helps to improve processing efficiency to make top-grade auto parts.

Automobile cylinder sleeve processing

With PCBN cutting tools, the automobile sleeve is more precise by controlling deformation when the cylinder block is under pressure. So, it reduces the wear rate between the cylinder block and the sleeve to improve the vehicle’s engine efficiency. Not to forget reducing fuel consumption and lower engine noise.

Automobile brake drum processing

Originally, brake drums consist of grey cast iron. The coating carbide tools or ceramic tools can only process 20 to 50 pieces of brake drums. Then, the production is interrupted to change into new tools which consumes time.

With PCBN, especially CBN inserts, each edge can process 70 to 100 pieces of brake drums. A CBN insert uses a metal bond agent with super high hardness and wear resistance. So, it naturally improves production efficiency as it is an ideal choice for cast iron auto parts cutting.

Automotive transmission

The transmission housing is one of the most important parts of the car that assembles other auto parts to keep them in the right position. Therefore, it sets the accuracy of the auto parts box components, the performance, and the life of the installed machine.

So, as for the cast iron transmission housing blank machining with slag and pores, traditional processing methods poorly meet their processing requirements. With the CBN tool blade, easy loading and unloading are possible. Moreover, the blade can process 70 to 100 pieces of auto parts improving the processing efficiency by 50 to 70%.


Machining, milling, and ceramic finishing solution

PCD cutting tools, on the other hand, are used across the automotive production process beginning from the alloy wheels, cylinder blocks, cam, and crankshaft casing machining to milled, bored, and reamed gearbox housings.

On top of that, PCD cutting tools are the only viable solution for the finishing of new generation ceramic metal matric composite brake discs.

PCD and CBN tools for other auto parts

  • Metal honing stones for the cylinder block and connecting rod
  • Component grinding solution
  • VVT gear
  • Automobile box processing program
  • Automotive piston, etc.

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