What is a PCD cutting tool?

Generally, Polycrystalline Diamond is used for PCD tools for aluminum alloy, brass and copper, graphite, and non-metal materials.

So, if you want to obtain high abrasive resistance and high hardness, PCD cutting tools are the top solution.

In addition, they increase the durability of the cutter so you can customize designs to fit your exact measurements at their best.

Uses of PCD tools in the Automotive Industry

Certainly, PCD tools perform outstanding surface finishes and excellent productivity.

However, to meet perfection in the production of auto parts, PCD cutting tools come in various grades for specified purposes.

Grain size



Mirror finishes on aluminum alloys, titanium, and composites due to its extreme edge sharpness or retention.


For complex tools that require excessive processing.


Ideal to perform roughing and finishing hence perfect for low to medium content aluminum alloys.


Optimum wear resistance for abrasive machining conditions is therefore ideal for milling and rough cutting of aluminum alloys.


Excellent wear resistance, edge quality, abrasion resistance, and thermal stability so ideal for MMC, high silicon aluminum alloys, high strength cast irons, and bi-metal applications.

Automotive Cutting Tool Solutions

In essence, the automotive industry revolves around special PCD inserts such as PCD drills and reamers. Furthermore, these cutting tools make the best auto parts making the automotive industry capital of the world.

So, here is a list of automotive cutting tools and their application in the automotive industry.

PCD Reamer

Certainly, you should use PCD reamers for precision machining of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals to perfect the finishing and accuracy of auto parts. Also, reamers are end-type tools that cut by the chamfered edge at the outside diameter of a preformed hole.

So, the lead angle provides a very effective cutting action during high-speed machining.

On the other hand, PCD step reamers complement this process as they cut with greater accuracy. Hence, making them very popular in the automotive industry.

There are also other PCD reamers including regular reamers and piloted ones.

PCD Drill

Besides reamers, there is a wide range of PCD drills and step drills used for automobiles that rough the hole’s processing and finish cuts.

Additionally, the various pointed geometries cover all possible applications in the automotive industry – from drilling the pre-cast and blind holes.

However, depending on the hole depth, the wall thickness and interrupted or non-interrupted cuts are the reason for different types of drill bits.

Nonetheless, the most common PCD drills in the automotive industry are:

Center drill Consists of a pilot drill and a countersink that is used to create holes at the center of a piece.
Piloted core drill To use in a valve guide and seat machine that comes in various shank sizes.
Core drill Opens holes 20% to 40% under their major diameter. Hence for straightening and truing holes.
Step drill Drills metal up to 1/4 of an inch thick to enlarge a hole as the PCD drill bit drills through the metal sheet.

PCD Tools for Top Grade Automotive Parts

In general, the demand for PCD diamond cutting tools is rising across automotive production from alloy wheels, cylinder blocks, cam, and crankshaft casing machining to milling, boring, and reaming gearbox housings.

Besides, PCD tooling manufacturers design PCD tools to perfect the finishing of a brake disc, wheel hub and pistons.

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