PCD Tools Contributions in Electronics Industry

What are PCD Tools?

PCD tools as the name suggests are made from Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD).

PCD has high resistance to abrasion, high hardness and toughness, making it an excellent material for cutting tools.

Thus, cutting tools made from PCD can achieve high speed, high efficiency and high precision machining with a longer cutting lifetime.

The Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is a massive global industry that consists of several different sectors.

Across the electronics industry, there is a sector that produces electronic components such as transistors, capacitors and semiconductors.

Plus, popular products or devices that consist of electronic components such as computers, laptops, and phones can be found everywhere these days.

However, due to the fast evolution of the electronics industry, most electronic devices have shorter lifespan and are low in quality.


PCD Tools Contributions in Electronics Industry

Application of PCD Tools in Electronic Industry

They are used in various industries including the electronic industry.

Manufacturers are looking for solutions to solve the problems to fill the constant demand for high-end electronic devices.

As a result, demand for them in the electronic industry is getting higher and higher because of their characteristics that help for smooth flow of electronic production.

Hence, the need for precision especially of PCD tools in the electronic industry. 

These characteristics includes:

  • Longer tool life
  • High-speed performance
  • Tight tolerance
  • Material Flexibility
  • Surface finish

Longer Tool Life

PCD Tools have the capability to work for months meaning they have less downtime. 

Therefore, with more efficient production, less tool changes and shorter cycle times, the return of investment will be quick.

This makes them an excellent choice for high-yield production facilities.

High Speed Performance

They can work 10 times faster than the general cutting tools. Thus, they are more effective and efficient. 

This means that production can be done much faster therefore increasing the amount of work that can be completed at a time.

Tight Tolerance

Operations like grinding and deburring take time and in the long run can cost a lot of money, time and energy. 

However, with PCD Tools, they are more accurate and able to hold their cutting edge than the general cutting tools. Thus, overall accuracy and quality will improve.

Material Flexibility

They can work well with various materials such as aluminium, composites and abrasive plastics. 

Surface Finish

Without the need for a secondary process, they can produce a high-quality surface finish.

Manufacturers can save time and money while retaining the standard quality.

PCD Tools Contributions in Electronics Industry

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