How is PCD made?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) or PCD tools is diamond grit fused together under high pressure and high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal.

PCD manufacturing applies in the process of cutting materials such as aluminium, brass and copper, graphite and non-metal materials.

So, special PCD inserts are ideal if you want to obtain high abrasive resistance and high hardness. They result in a longer lifespan of the cutter and do well with customising designs to fit the exact measurement specifications.

What are PCD automotive cutting tools?

The automotive industry revolves around PCD drills and reamers. And, these cutting tools manufacture the best auto parts making the automotive industry capital of the world.

As for the PCD automotive wheel tools, you need more than a PCD drill bit and reamers. So, here are the PCD tools to manufacture wheels.


How are aluminium wheels made?

The machining of aluminium wheels using wheel repair machines require the designing and manufacturing of specific automotive wheel tools.

Machining cast aluminium wheels can be a demanding application requiring a strong steel body and uniform design. So, being in the automotive industry you will need hardened steel bodies from the start to finish machining centres.

Then, you will be able to place mechanical chip breakers nearly anywhere on the PCD tools modifying the body geometry quickly. And, you will get to turn around new and regrind tools on demand.

This allows us to place mechanical chip breakers nearly anywhere on the tool, modify body geometry quickly.

And get a remarkable turnaround of new and regrind tools on demand.

PCD Right Hand Tool

The PCD right-hand tool is the best choice for manufacturing rims with lips. The reason being, the PCD tool is designed to easily reach the corners of the inside lips during the machining process.

PCD Neutral Tool

PCD Neutral Tool is usually used when manufacturing flat rims that come with no lips. For any rim designs that want to go with simplicity, you can get the best of it using this PCD tool.

PCD Left Hand Tool

If you’re looking to design rims that have a rising centre hub, we recommend you the PCD left-hand tool. This PCD tool comes with a special feature in which the tip of the tool cuts the cone perfectly making the rising centre hub.

PCD left hand tool is needed only when you want to create the rising centre.


Round Bit Tool

With the help of a round bit tool holder, you can machine rims with a curved profile. These PCD diamond cutting tools specialize in making curved wheel rims creating a unique look.

PCD Boring Bar Style Tool

A regular right-hand tool is 6 inches long and is not suitable for machine deep rims. So, a boring bar style tool that comes 12 inches long is the best fit to reach deeper positions.

Also, the cutting tip of the boring bar is at the centre of the tool holder. So, you need a shim block to raise the cutting tip to the centre of the lathe.

Besides, you can machine the back part of the rim using an angled boring bar for better finishing.

There are various angles of this tool in the market but the most common is the 12 inches long boring bar. It comes with a negative 17.5 degree angle that perfectly machines a straight surface.

PCD Lip Cutting Tool

After machining the lips of rims according to their designs, you will need to refinish the back of the lips, either side or both sides.

And, when completing the refinishing process, a special lip cutting tool holder is needed. The lip cutting tool needs to be locked holding the rim with three bolts as safety measures.

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