The use of PCD inserts has rapidly grown in the automotive industry due to the lightweighting trends.

Nowadays, car manufacturers have shifted to using aluminium for most car parts. It is mainly because aluminium is strong and lightweight compared to cast iron. 

Meanwhile, PCD inserts are ideal for machining aluminium car parts due to the high hardness and high wear resistance of PCD.

Different Types of PCD Inserts

PCD inserts come in many types depending on your needs. Nonetheless, here are the most common diamond inserts in the automotive industry:

  1. Turning insert
  2. Milling insert
  3. Grooving insert
  4. Tooling insert

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PCD Inserts Uses in Automotive Industry

In automotive industry, high precision, high efficiency and cost reduction are the top priorities.

Nevertheless, due to the high toughness of aluminium, it is difficult to machine with regular cutting tools.

Besides, most tools will not be able to withstand aluminium and wear down easily. Hence, you will need to replace the tools frequently. Plus, it will reduce efficiency and cost a lot of money which is not ideal.

That is why PCD tools are the most useful for machining automotive parts made from aluminium.

Benefits of PCD Inserts for Automotive Applications

Higher removal rates

PCD insert can remove more material during machining process. As a result, the overall productivity will improve.

On top of that, you do not have to worry about the heat during machining as PCD insert have high thermal conductivity.

Improves precision and control

Automotive parts can get damaged if the machining is not done to high precision. This usually happens when there is not enough control during machining.

But, PCD insert can provide more control during machining process. Hence, you can produce more high precision parts.

Improves finishing

With PCD insert, most parts can be machined to perfection.

Reduce wastage

There will be less wastage of materials since most parts are machined with high precision. This way, you can save a lot of cost as well.


Custom PCD Inserts For Your Every Requirement

PCD cutting tools are a great alternative for carbide tools. They are ideal for machining aluminium parts to high precision in the automotive industry.

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