What is a Diamond Turning Process?

A diamond turning process is a process to produce ultra precision parts for various applications that require high level of accuracy and smooth finishing.

In general, a turning process refers to a machining process that removes material from a workpiece, typically using a CNC lathe.

How Does Diamond Turning Work?

To perform a diamond turning process, a workpiece will be secured on a lathe and then rotated. A cutting tool will then press against the workpiece to remove some of the materials.

Single point diamond turning (SPDT)

Diamond turning process is similar to the usual turning process. The only difference is that it uses a diamond tipped cutting tool during the process.

Meanwhile, the normal turning process often use steel or titanium cutting tools.

Besides, diamond tipped cutting tool normally only has a single point. Hence the process involving a diamond tipped cutting tool or any tool with a single point is called a single point diamond turning.

However, diamond turning can also be done using a multiple point cutting tool.


Benefits of a Diamond Turning

Diamond turning produces high quality parts with high level of precision.

It also has the ability to produce smooth surface, by precisely removing a layer from the surface.The final result will be high quality, mirror finish ultra precision parts.

Other benefits include:

  1. Produces good optical surfaces.
  2. Transforms soft ductile materials that are extremely difficult to polish.

Usage of Diamond Turning Process in Optical Industry

A large fraction of diamond turning is for producing optical components.

It is popular in the optical industry due to its capability of producing highly accurate and sophisticated surface profiles.

Moreover, it is also becoming more popular for biomedical applications, particularly on mass producing contact lenses. It keeps the production of contact lens affordable but highly accurate.


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