Custom Tooling Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Aerospace is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to precision, reliability, repeatability, and speed in custom tooling.

Anything less than the utmost attention to these factors could result in disasters.

For this reason, aerospace companies have a high demand for building custom tools that help them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

That is also why a custom cutting tool must be created specifically for the aerospace application at hand. 

Custom Tooling (Cutting Tools) for Aerospace

For decades, the aerospace industry has benefitted from customized tooling.

With the constant challenges and demands in modern aircraft technology, cutting tool design and manufacturing have reached new heights. 

Here at ASIME, we manufacture specialized cutting tools using a variety of materials and technologies.

We are proud to serve a wide range of industries with our custom cutting tools, including aerospace, automotive and industrial.

From carbide to high-speed steel, we can create tools from any material including diamond cutting tools, PCD cutting tools, PCBN cutting tools, and more.

High-speed steel (HSS)

We use HSS to produce our end mills, drills, and reamers.

These tools feature low cost and good wear resistance. They can also be hardened to increase their strength at higher temperatures.

Custom Tooling Solutions for Aerospace Applications


For harder materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloys, carbide is an excellent choice for machining applications.

It has excellent resistance to heat and impact forces so it lasts longer than other materials like HSS or cobalt steel.

Cobalt steel

This tooling material has good heat resistance and is easy to machine compared to other steels with similar hardness levels.

Diamond custom tooling

We have a unique capability to produce our own high-quality diamond-cutting tools for any application.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff can work with you to develop the optimum solution for your particular needs.

We can also provide custom-made diamond saw blades for any size or shape of material that you may need to cut.

Diamond tools are ideal for machining hard metals such as titanium, cobalt alloys, and stainless steel among others.

The tools also have excellent heat dissipation properties which makes them ideal for working at high temperatures (up to 2000°C).

They also have high-wear resistance properties which make them last longer compared to conventional ones.


PCD stands for polycrystalline diamond compact and is actually made from carbon fiber rather than diamond.

It has a much lower thermal conductivity than carbide or HSS but is suitable to use in higher temperatures than these materials because of its excellent heat transfer qualities.


PCBN is a very hard material that does not require heat treatment after machining, which allows for a faster cut and longer tool life.

It can be used on a variety of materials, including stainless steels, nonferrous metals, and superalloys.

This means that PCBN can be used as an alternative to HSS or carbide tool materials in applications where these materials fail due to excessive heat build-up during machining.

Custom Tooling Solutions for Aerospace Applications

The key to improving aerospace manufacturing lies in the details and that’s where ASIME cutting tool comes in.

Our unique ability to provide custom tooling for the aerospace industry and other major players has made us one of the leaders in cutting tool manufacturing.

Looking for custom aerospace cutting tools?

ASIME can help you!

We have specialized in cutting tool production for over 20 years and have the experience to provide our customers with quality custom tooling solutions.

So, contact us today for a FREE consultation!

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