Due to the complexity and intricacy of optical devices, the optical industry uses machining parts to maintain the quality of the devices.

So, to meet the rigorous demands of the industry, manufacturers produce optical machining parts with the highest precision and accuracy.

Types of Optical Machining Parts

Components and parts produced in the optical industry require the tightest tolerances to ensure that they can fit perfectly in complex equipment such as microscopes, lasers, and telescopes.

Here are some types of optical machining parts commonly produced for the optical industry:

  1. Lenses
  2. Microscope and microscope components
  3. Lasers components
  4. Custom optical machining parts


Lenses are one of the most important optical components in optical industry. They help collect more light than the human eye could gather on its own, making distant objects clearer and magnified. Hence, they are useful for most optical devices such as miscroscope and cameras.

Besides, manufacturers also rely heavily on precision machining to produce lenses because of the difficulty of producing them using conventional methods.

Microscope and microscope components

An electron microscope usually has a lens holder to handle and protect the delicate lens.

Basically, the optical performance of electron microscope heavily depends on the dimensional accuracy of the lens and lens holder.

Therefore, to meet tight tolerance requirements, lens holders are produced with high accuracy possible.


Lasers are normally found in the medical industry, where they are used for surgical procedures.

To achieve desired performance, a laser’s components must be manufactured with high precision and tight tolerances.

Custom optical machining parts

Production of lasers, microscopes, and other optical communication devices is relatively low. For that reason, replacing optical components or obsolete parts may be difficult.

Optical companies address this issue by manufacturing custom optical machining parts.


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