The Importance of Precision Machined Parts for the Rail Industry

Precision machined parts are the go-to solution for many industries, and the rail industry is no exception.

From locomotives and railcars to electronic systems and track components, the demand for quality machining parts has never been greater.

What are Machined Parts?

Machined parts are made by a process called machining, in which the shape of a piece is cut out into another piece by using cutting tools with high pressure.

These parts can be used in several different industries, but they are especially important to industries like the rail industry.

Precision machined parts are used throughout the industry for everything including trains, locomotives, and other railway vehicles.

How Machined Parts are Used in the Rail Industry

The rail industry is responsible for transporting millions of people and tons of cargo every day.

In order to accomplish this, they need a wide range of railway vehicles, including locomotives and freight trains.

The parts that make up these vehicles are fabricated from machined components or parts.

Hence, the rail industry requires many different types of machined parts such as:

  • Rail wheels
  • Brake components
  • Axleboxes (also known as axle bearings)
  • Axles

The Importance of Precision Machined Parts for the Rail Industry

Benefits of Precision Machined Parts for the Rail Industry

The benefits of precision machined parts for the rail industry are vast and far-reaching.

So, let’s take a look at some.

High level of precision

Precision machined parts are used in a wide range of industries, but they are especially important to the rail industry.

Rail machined parts must be high in precision because they are used in some of the most demanding environments and industries. 

Moreover, since rail vehicles operate on fixed tracks, there is no room for error when it comes to these components.

If a part fails in any way, it could cause an accident that could result in injuries or fatalities. Therefore, it is crucial that every component is designed, manufactured, and tested with maximum precision so that all safety standards are met without fail.

Minimized costs with precision machined parts

As a rail operator, you have many costs to consider in order to keep your trains running smoothly.

The cost of machining parts is less than the cost of buying parts, and it’s even more affordable than repairing parts.

In fact, some rail operators have found that machining their precision machined components is actually cheaper than replacing them!

The Importance of Precision Machined Parts for the Rail Industry

Improved safety

Machined parts are used to improve safety in a number of ways.

First of all, they are more precise. This means that they are more likely to be exactly what they were designed to be, without any discrepancies or flaws.

This leads to greater safety because there is less chance that a part will break or malfunction when it comes time for use.

Secondly, precision machined parts last longer due to a lack of molecular defects and imperfections (which allows them to hold up under stress).

This feature prevents injuries from faulty manufacturing processes or construction materials in rail systems where people may be injured by defective equipment.

Finally, machined parts offer a much greater level of reliability than their forged counterparts.

Forged parts are easy to get damaged during installation and if this happens, it may cause injury to either an operator or passenger due to improper fitment.

We Create Custom Precision Machined Parts Specific to Your Needs

Precision machined parts are essential to the rail industry, as they significantly increase efficiency and reliability across many different applications.

At ASIME, we provide highly accurate custom precision machining services for a range of industries including the rail industry.

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