What is a PCD Reamer?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) cutting tools or PCD reamer apply in the process of cutting aluminium, brass and copper, graphite, and other materials like wood, plastic, and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP).

Basically, you can use them to obtain high abrasive resistance and high hardness.

These motives result in a longer life for the cutter in comparison to conventional ones. Also, they are customed to fit your exact measurement specifications.

In addition, it is used is to enlarge a hole that is in close tolerance range with a high surface finish, concentricity, and cylindricity.

Hence, these PCD automotive reamers achieve the required finish and accuracy with reduced machining time.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Cutting Tools


PCD Grades and Characteristics

There are many grades and characteristics of PCD for automotive parts needs.


Basically, PCD GC001 is sub-micron grain-sized at 0.5?m-1?m. This ultra-fine grain structure is suitable for applications requiring mirror finishes due to its extreme edge sharpness or retention.

Hence, you can ideally use it when in need of extreme chip resistance for milling and rough cutting of aluminium alloys. You can use this grade for machining titanium and composites.


PCD GC002 is 2?m average grain-sized with increased cobalt for ease of processing.

Thus, it is ideal for complex tools for excessive processing wherein the grain size is ideal for profile routers and thread cutting tools, as well as in wear part applications. 


This grade is 10?m average sized grain which is a  PCD grade ideal for many applications that requires a good balance of toughness and wear resistance.

So, you can perform roughing and finishing easily with a single tool for low to medium-content aluminium alloys. 


PCD GC025 has an average grain size of 25?m in which the grade offers the optimum wear resistance for abrasive machining conditions.

That being said, it is ideal for milling and rough cutting of aluminum alloys since they require extreme chip resistance best used for machining titanium and composites. 


In the PCD GC030, the grain size ranges from 2?m to 30?m whereby it is considered a multi-modal PCD that gives PCD-GC030 excellent wear resistance, edge strength, and edge quality.

Additionally, the ideal application areas include MMC, high silicon aluminium alloys, high strength cast irons, and bi-metal applications.

So, it gives excellent abrasion resistance and good thermal stability. 

How many types of PCD reamer are there?

In general, PCD Reamers are custom-made based on customers’ requirements. For instance,

PCD Drill Reamer

For superior hole quality with dagger style geometry and to eliminate delamination.

PCD Step Reamer

For greater accuracy.

Diamond PCD Reamer

For high-intensity boring which requires more force, precision drilling, and heightened stability.

Silver Stainless Steel PCD Reamer

For industrial purposes for its durable nature.

Long PCD Reamer

To allow extra reach.

And many more.

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PCD Reamer Uses for in the Automotive Industry?

Metal machining in the automotive industry is growing very fast.

Unlike the PCD automotive reamers, the conventional ones are no longer able to fulfill the below requirements.

That’s because accuracy in product manufacturing is becoming more vital and necessary. So PCD reamers guarantee excellent surface finish with high accuracy for economical machining.

In essence, they can help to:

  • Offer long tool-life (10 times longer than the carbide type)
  • Ream holes faster (over 300m/min)
  • Increase work productivity
  • Has tighter tolerances with small margins of error
  • Produce cleaner-edge and high-quality holes
  • Lower overall production costs
  • Increase quality control standard ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Hence, use PCD automobile reamers to maximize smoothness, perfect fitting, and optimize functioning.

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