How do PCD Cutting Tools Contribute in the Metalworking Industry

PCD cutting tools in the metal processing industry is not uncommon. In fact, PCD cutting tools are very in demand for their extreme hardness and durability.

This is because PCD cutting tools are made from PCD or Polycrystalline Diamond that is made up of synthetic diamond particles, created using a high-heat and a high-pressure process.

Its extreme hardness, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity makes it the most effective, efficient, and reliable cutting tool in metalworking.

Here is how precision metal cutting tools help the metalworking industry with their many qualities.

PCD Cutting Tools in Metalworking Industry

As the name suggests, metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures.

The most prevalent processes in the metalworking industry include cutting, boring, and milling which require great precision at a higher speed.

What are cutting tools in metal work?

  1. Drill Bits
  2. Reamers
  3. End Mills

how do pcd cutting tools contribute in the metalworking industry

PCD Drill Bits

PCD drill bits are precision cutting tools for metal that allow high precision accuracy in hole making. Say goodbye to rough holes as metalworking drill bits can produce cleaner edge holes than carbide and HSS (High-speed steel) tools.

It will also increase productivity as you can finish more work in less time without worrying about sacrificing accuracy or quality.

There are several types of PCD drill bits such as twist drill bit, brad-point drill bit, auger drill bit, self-feed drill bit, installer drill bit, and a lot more depending on your projects’ requirements.

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PCD Reamers

Reamers are metal working tools to widen the size of a pre-existing hole in a small amount to leave smooth sides and edges, removing any burrs or rough edges.

Like drill bits, reamers also have high precision accuracy thus able to produce much cleaner edges.

PCD reamer can cut down on, or perhaps eliminate, secondary finishing procedures like deburring. As a result, this will lower overall production costs.

Moreover, PCD reamers are able to produce consistent results for a much longer time because you do not have to constantly change worn tools.

Plus, one useful tip to extend the lifespan of PCD reamers is you can sharpen the edges.

how do pcd cutting tools contribute in the metalworking industry

PCD End Mills

PCD end mills are brazed-tipped metal work tools designed specifically for composite and cast aluminum applications. They can guarantee high surface quality production and highly constant output.

Furthermore, PCD insert resists abrasion wear thus significantly increases the tool life of end mills.

For optimum performance, PCD end mills require high spindle speeds and rigid tooling setups.

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