The application of PCD cutting tools in the wood processing industry is beneficial in improving machining quality.

This is because PCD cutting tools have high hardness, high wear resistance and high thermal conductivity which can greatly influence machining quality. 

Application of PCD Cutting Tools in Wood Processing Industry

Additionally, the development of artificial wood panels in recent years have greatly contributed to the further application of PCD cutting tools.

Hence, PCD cutting tools are slowly replacing the usage of traditional woodworking tools in the wood processing industry.


Benefits of PCD cutting tools in wood processing industry

PCD cutting tools can process all kinds of wood. They can process natural wood, particleboard, medium and high-density fibreboard, to name a few.

Moreover, the cutting speed of PCD tools can reach 3000m to 5000m per minute. On top of that, the cutting capacity can also reach tens of meters per minute.

As a result, the application of PCD cutting tools in the wood processing industry can greatly reduce downtime and change time.

Apart from that, the lifespan of these tools is longer than those of carbide.

Types of PCD tools in wood processing industry

There are two common types of PCD cutting tools in the woodworking industry, which are:

PCD milling cutter

PCD milling cutter has a lot of varieties such as floor milling cutter and furniture milling cutter.

Compared with a traditional milling cutter, PCD milling cutter has a larger diameter and higher rotational speed. As a result, milling accuracy is improved.

PCD saw insert

Meanwhile, PCD saw insert can produce a  better quality cutting section as it can carry out long-time, deep and ultra-high-speed cutting without stopping and grinding.


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