What are CNC Machining Parts?

CNC machining parts are parts produced from CNC machining process.

Additionally, CNC machining refers to the process of removing material from raw material or a pre-existing part. This process is done using a CNC machine.

Furthermore, it also improves quality and consistency which makes it ideal for industries that require high precision components.

How to Produce Precision CNC Machining Parts

Basically, CNC process uses cutting tools to help shape material into custom parts and designs.

So, choosing the right cutting tools is extremely important to produce high quality CNC parts.

How to Choose the Right Tools for CNC Process

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when choosing tools for CNC process. Those include:

Material type

There is a wide range of material that is suitable to use in CNC process such as metal, plastic, wood, foam, composite, as well as aluminium.

All these material may or may not be compatible for some tools. Therefore, you must use tools that work well with the material.

For instance, if you are machining non-ferrous metal, PCD cutting tool is the most suitable as it is abrasion resistant.

Production size

Special tools are more cost effective when it comes to mass production. On the other hand, standard tools are suitable for small production.

CNC machine type

There are a lot of CNC machines on the market such as CNC turning machine, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine and what not.

Thereofore, you want to use the tools (e.g turning tool, milling tool, drilling tool, etc.) that are compatible with the machine type.

Size of the material

Material size also influences the choice of tool. For example, material with complex sizes may need special tools.

Material roughness

Some material are more rough than others. Hence, you need to choose tools that can handle the roughness of the material.

For instance, you can use the rough tooth milling cutter for roughing and the fine milling cutter for finishing.


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