What is diamond wheel used for?

Using a diamond wheel is a good way to finish asymmetrical shapes and surfaces to provide the finish ceramic automotive parts. You can also use them to grind aerospace and flight control components that need super precise tolerance.

How do I choose a grinding wheel?

Choosing between a diamond or CBN wheel is not a difficult task to do. A careful examination of the inherent properties of diamond tool and CBN will allow you to choose the best super abrasive for your particular grinding application.


  • Single crystals
  • Has high thermal conductivity 5x higher than copper but lower than CBN.
  • Transfers most heat away from the cutting edge and dissipates thermal energy through the grinding wheel body into the grinding coolant.
  • Materials for grinding: non-metal materials (glass, silicon, granite, or marble), non-ferrous metal (copper, aluminium alloys), ceramics (carbide).


  • Easier to microchip and create sharp edges than diamond.
  • Suitable for high-speed grinding – safe operation of plated CBN wheels because of high thermal resistance of CBN making the high-speed grinding process possible.
  • Thermal and chemical consideration of grinding – CBN has higher thermal resistance than diamond. Temperature exceeding 800fC makes CBN harder than diamond while being able to maintain the cutting edge.
  • The thermal conductivity of CBN is 4x better than copper – in close competition with diamond.

What is the best grinding wheel for steel?

When to use the diamond wheel?

The grinding efficiency in a diamond wheel is high and economical. However, a strong cooling is needed or the diamond would react with iron and causes it to carbonize and lose its function.

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When to use the dry grinding formula of the diamond wheel?

The dry grinding formula of a diamond wheel has a grinding efficiency that is high and economical too. However, it does not forcefully need cooling, unlike the regular diamond wheel. The downside of this diamond wheel is that there is still some risk of carbonization at hand.

When to use the CBN wheel?

Using a CBN wheel will enable you to process both materials at task simultaneously without any consequences. But, you will need to spend more time when grinding the carbide part as both CBN and carbides don’t work best together.


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