CBN Grinding Wheel For Surface Grinding in Automotive Industry

What is a CBN grinding wheel?

CBN grinding wheel is made of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), a high-performance tool material. CBN is produced in a high temperature-pressure process similar to Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD).

CBN grinding wheel has high abrasion resistance and high thermal conductivity, making it better than diamond when grinding for long periods and high temperatures.

This is due to the fact that diamond grinding wheel is unable to handle heat well compared to CBN grinding wheel when it comes to grinding difficult to grind (DTG) materials such as hardened steels.

It is because DTG materials can produce excessive heat that can cause most wheels including diamond wheels to break down quickly.

Nevertheless, CBN grinding wheel can solve such a problem as it can withstand high temperature up to 1800 °C.

Therefore, when working with DTG materials such as hardened steels in the automotive industry, CBN wheel comes in handy.

CBN Wheel For Surface Grinding in the Automotive Industry

Surface grinding is a common finishing procedure for producing smooth surface textures in the automotive industry. During this procedure, a surface grinding machine uses a certain grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece while rotating.

This process can sometimes use extremely hard and abrasive materials such as DTG materials that can interact negatively with diamonds.

Thus, instead of using diamond wheel, CBN wheel is more suitable to use to ensure better performance.

CBN Grinding Wheel For Surface Grinding in Automotive Industry

Surface grinding materials

CBN wheels is suitable to grind High-speed steel (HSS) metals, such as wood tools, blades, bits, and cutters.

Because it can resist higher temperatures, this form of steel is superior to the older high-carbon steel. When the tools get dull from use over time, a CBN wheel will restore their sharpness.


There is not much that can slow down a CBN wheel performance. What can hinder it, however, is improper application.

Make sure to only grind ferrous metals, such as steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron.

Do not use a CBN wheel on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, and tin because they are too soft and can clog the wheel, reducing its grinding power.

Why Should You Use a CBN Wheel For Surface Grinding?

It will last longer than all other wheels, including diamond, when used against hard surfaces and high temperatures during surface grinding.

  • Safety.

CBN grinding wheels are far safer than conventional grit wheels.

  • Wet and dry grinding. 

Wet and dry grinding is possible with CBN wheels.

  • No dust.

When using these wheels, there will be minimal dust. However, exhaust ventilation is always recommended when grinding.

  • Minimal heat.

When used correctly and with coolant, little to no heat is transferred to the workpiece using these wheels.

CBN Grinding Wheel For Surface Grinding in Automotive Industry

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